COVID-19 Secure Courses

At AirlinePrep, your safety and wellbeing is of prime importance to us.  With that in mind, and in association with our training providers, we have created some guidelines we all must adhere to whilst you attend any of our training courses.  These guidelines are in association with the latest information published by the British Government.

  • If you are unwell, please do not attend your training.  Please follow Government guidelines and check the NHS website for the latest information

  • If a member of your household is unwell, do not attend your training 

  • After your training, if you become unwell, please let us know as soon as possible

  • Respect 2 meter spacing throughout your training, where possible  

  • Do not shake hands with other clients, or the training team

  • Bring your own writing materials 

  • Bring your own food, and drink

  • Wash your hands on arrival, and at regular intervals throughout the day

  • All surfaces prior to training will have been thoroughly cleaned

  • Please feel free to bring your own cleaning wipes, if you prefer

  • If you feel more comfortable, please bring your own gloves to wear

  • If you feel more comfortable, please feel free to bring and wear a face covering

  • Use ‘every other seat’ during all training and spread out during your training

  • Hand sanitiser will be available during your training

  • Please respect all training location safety information

By following these simple guidelines, we can deliver your training as safely and as securely as possible.  If you have any questions or concerns ahead of your training – please contact us.