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AirlinePrep are the only pilot interview & assessment preparation used by BALPA.


We’re proud to be the only airline interview and assessment training provider to be associated with BALPA.

We run regular courses for the association at BALPA HQ, near Heathrow Airport as well as ad-hoc courses for members going through redundancy. BALPA works hard for UK based pilots, representing pilot interests within the industry. Given that BALPA would only be associated with organisations that deliver quality, dependable and ethical training we are grateful to be used by them.

If you’re a BALPA member, you automatically qualify for a discount on AirlinePrep “The App”. Just input your membership number into the relevant box in the check out process.

FTA Global


AirlinePrep has teamed up with FTA Global, with continuous career support and pilot competencies training for student pilots.


We’re proud to be the only Airline Interview and Assessment training provider to deliver airline pilot interview and assessment preparation training for students at the UK’s 3rd largest integrated flight school, FTA Global.

FTA recognise that pilot training should be affordable and that a student’s employability is key to gaining a job which is why they mandate interview and assessment preparation for all their students.



AirlinePrep has teamed up with Jet MASTERCLASS, helping APS MCC graduates prepare for their airline pilot interviews.


We’re proud to be the only Airline Interview and Assessment training provider to deliver airline pilot interview and assessment preparation training for students of Jet MASTERCLASS, a leading ATO providing APS-MCC and type rating training.

Jet MASTERCLASS recognise that pilot training should be affordable and that a student’s employability is key to gaining a job which is why they mandate interview and assessment preparation for all their students.



AirlinePrep and pmFlight providing a one stop pilot interview and assessment solution.


We understand that not all clients have the budget for a full motion simulator.

In many cases, a fixed base simulator is more than adequate and this is why we have teamed up with pmFlight, located near LGW airport, to provide high quality, great value training for your forthcoming simulator assessment.

Boeing 737 and Airbus A320 simulators available, with expert training and competitive prices.

Aviation Insider


AirlinePrep and Aviation Insider providing a one stop pilot interview and assessment solution.


We understand that clients also want the benefits of a full flight simulator and we’ve teamed up with Aviation Insider to meet your simulator assessment preparation needs.

Training delivered by airline training pilots, on Boeing, Airbus and Embraer simulators in Gatwick.

Jet Pathway


AirlinePrep has teamed up with Jet Pathway, helping you to prepare for and find your next pilot job.


We work with Jet Pathway, a UK based pilot employment agency and consultancy, offering our clients a fast track screening to a range of UK, European and Worldwide airlines.

Jet Pathway is run by pilots and HR recruitment specialists with a wealth of recruitment in the aviation and blue chip sector.



AirlinePrep has teamed up with Symbiotics, delivering airline pilot psychometric and aptitude testing for pilots of all experience levels.


We work with Symbiotics, the provider of ADAPT Pilot Psychological Assessments, have partnered to provide a range of pilot aptitude assessments to pilots, to support them at any stage of their career.

 The partnership comes ahead of the introduction of the new EASA Aircrew Medical Fitness regulation that comes into effect in February 2021. The new regulation requires the psychological profiling of pilots including personality traits, cognitive abilities, operational and professional competencies, and social competencies in accordance with CRM principles. Psychometric testing provided by companies with experienced aviation psychologists is one way that airlines can assess pilots, and is going to be a key element of the pilot recruitment process within Europe going forward. This new partnership enables pilots to experience the type of assessments they can expect to encounter as part of an airline’s assessment process.

Pilot Network


AirlinePrep has teamed up with Pilot Network, ensuring aspiring pilots have access to independent flight school comparisons and reviews.


We work with Pilot Network – Europe’s leading independent flight school review and comparison website.

At AirlinePrep we believe in aspiring pilots having access to impartial information when it comes to considering which route and ATO to use. There are too many polarised opinions about integrated versus modular or MCC versus APS MCC, with organisations telling prospective pilots what they should do. 

Telling people what to do isn’t the way forward, but selling them the idea of a particular route with unbiased facts and accurate information will allow those aspiring pilots to choose a route which is best suited to their individual needs and financial circumstances. Reviews from students who have studied at ATOs is an important part of the information gathering exercise, which is why we recommend people visit www.pilot-network.com to ascertain the latest reviews and prices from the flight schools.

Wings 4 Warriors


We provide free career support for pilots sponsored by the Wings 4 Warriors charity.


We’re proud to be the only airline interview and assessment training provider to deliver free airline pilot interview and assessment preparation training for the Wings 4 Warriors.

Wings 4 Warriors is a charitable organisation helping wounded and sick service men and woman, rehabiliate after the conflict of war and re-trains them to become commercial airline pilots.

McGinley Aviation


AirlinePrep has teamed up with McGinley Aviation, helping you to prepare for and find your next aviation career


McGinley Aviation & Aerospace is recognised as a leading provider of global recruitment solutions. With a highly-skilled and well established recruitment team, McGinley Aviation & Aerospace are specialists at sourcing the right talent to suit the unique demands of the aviation and aerospace sector.

Our highly personalised approach provides us with the unique ability to forge strong, lasting partnerships with global airline brands. Over the last 4 years, McGinley Aviation has cemented its presence in the aviation marketplace, with our pilot supply growing from 60 to over 2500 contract pilots! We have also secured relationships at every level within our airlines. This extends from CEOs to the day-to-day operational staff.

We pride ourselves on providing our clients with a prompt and effective recruitment service – working to acquire the very best talent the market has to offer. We work equally as hard to ensure that our candidates get the best experience possible, giving them the guidance, support and information, they need every step of the way.

  • Pilots
  • Flight Instructors
  • Engineers
  • Sales/Management professionals
  • Procurement
  • Safety & Compliance
  • Flight Training
  • Airline Operations

Bristol Groundschool


AirlinePrep support Modular Flight Training in association with BGS.


We’re proud to be associated with Europe’s leading specialist in the provision of ATPL distance learning, Bristol Ground School.

We run courses for their students at their training centre in Clevedon, near Bristol. We choose our partners carefully and of course we only want to be associated with the very best training providers in the industry.

Wings Alliance


AirlinePrep support Modular Flight Training students with the Wings Alliance.


We’re proud to be part of the Wings Alliance, a trade association of leading commercial aviation training schools in the UK and Europe, offering a connected route to airline employment for modular students.

We’ve been selected to provide our Flight Deck Management Skills training to all Wings Alliance students. We also work closely with the Wings Alliance to ensure their recruitment methods are innovative, modern and relevant, helping to ensure the best Modular Pilots are discovered and placed into the Wings Alliance Airline Placement Programme.



AirlinePrep work with PilotPals, delivering industry relevant podcasts and connecting aviation professionals worldwide.


We are pleased to be working with PilotPals, a new venture designed to motivate, inspire and connect global aviators by showcasing podcasts from professionals: Pilots, Recruiters, Cabin Crew and Trainee Pilots, who’ll answer all your questions and queries, regarding the industry.

Podcasts are great way to get pertinent information from industry professionals, which is why we are delighted to be able to join PilotPals in providing quality airline pilot recruitment advice and guidance!

Pinstripe Solutions


Working with our like minded partners based in Australia.


AirlinePrep have teamed up with Pinstripe Solutions to offer career support to pilots in Australia and New Zealand.

If you are based in this part of the world we recommend Pinstripe for your pilot interview and assessment preparation needs – Kirsty and her team have a wealth of experience with pilot jobs and recruitment in the Southern Hemisphere.

Resilient Pilot


Working with the Resilient Pilot Mentor Scheme.


Welcome to Resilient Pilot – a free, peer support service created to help both aspiring and experienced pilots stay connected with the airline industry. Our mentor pilots come from a range of backgrounds and operational experience, and provide their mentorship voluntarily.

Whether you are in the midst of your training, have recently qualified or are an experienced pilot, it is good to connect with others in our industry during these times; either just to ‘shoot the breeze’ or to ask for advice and guidance.
With wellbeing at the heart of what we do, we focus on embedding core competencies through mentorship and believe strongly in encouraging diversity across our industry.



AirlinePrep are an approved provider for military personnel moving into civilian employment.


We’re proud to be an airline pilot interview and assessment training company to be an approved provider to the Career Transition Partnership.

Pilots leaving the military can access our courses and receive funding as part of their resettlement packages to pay for our unique services, helping them transition to the role of a commercial airline pilot.

Aspire Flight Training


AirlinePrep have partnered with the leading supplier of aviation training for the regional aviation market.


We’re proud to have partnered with Aspire Flight Training , the leading flight training organisation specialising in the regional aviation market.

With years of industry experience and training pilots on turboprop aircraft such as the Dash 8 Q400 and ATR 42/72, there is no better organisation for your regional turboprop training needs.

An expert group of former Flybe training pilots, with both military and commercial experience, they are your go to organisation for your turboprop refresher training and LPCs.

Aviation Action


AirlinePrep have partnered with Aviation Action to provide professional support to pilots and industry professionals affected by the COVID19 pandemic.


We’re proud to have become an official support partner of Aviation Action, a charity providing a range of personal and professional support services to aviation industry staff affected by the COVID19 pandemic.

We’ll be on hand to provide career advice and support to pilots registered with the charity.



AirlinePrep have partnered with PilotsTogether to provide professional career support services to unemployed pilots.


We’re proud to have become an official support partner of PilotsTogether.

PilotsTogether is a new UK-based and registered charity (Registered Charity Number 1191122) set up by current pilots and supporters in response to the impact of Covid-19 on our community. Its express aim is to ensure that pilots made redundant from any UK-based airline remain a part of our community, retain the skills they already have and to help them gain new skills and hopefully gainful employment. We also aim to ensure that no former colleague faces significant financial hardship.

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